The Pleasant Dragon Games Gamers Decide

There are many video games that span incredible adventures thru fantastical settings. Knights and wizards do struggle in opposition to the forces of evil or, on occasion, the forces of good. In maximum of these settings, one of the greatest adversaries you may face is the strong dragon. These fearsome beasts had been the most challenging of foes in many delusion settings, frequently playing a big part within the tale itself. For this list, I could be list some of the satisfactory video games that characteristic dragons as a major element.15) Scalebound (2017) [Upcoming]

This upcoming RPG takes you thru the sector of Draconis as Drew. Drew is bonded to a dragon, this huge beast providing guide as you combat in opposition to large quantities of enemies. While the dragon is only controlled by AI, you could supply it orders because the player to have it higher assist you in war. At later stages in the sport, you’ll be able to ride the dragon to without delay do war with the enemies that come at you.

To deliver your dragon a completely unique feeling, especially inside the multiplayer aspect of the game, you are also capable of regulate your dragon’s appearance and might improve its capabilities with gem stones observed via defeating your enemies. This doesn’t offer an excessive amount of within the way of dragon-slaying, however you yet again have the electricity of a dragon in your aspect for your adventures through the world.

The most effective cause it’s so low on the list is because of the fact that this game isn’t out at the time of writing this article. It looks to be a terrific one, however best time will inform if it holds up upon release.

Fighting a md together with your dragon companion14) Dungeons and Dragons Online (2006)

Dungeons and Dragons Online trailer

In this MMO, your created individual arrives upon a shipwrecked shore where he at once starts an journey to unfastened the island, Korthos Island, from the rule of thumb of the Sahuagin. The major cause for his or her manage of the island, and the dragon to be referenced for this list, is the white dragon, Aussircaex. This dragon is enslaved with the aid of a Mindflayer by use of a paranormal tool, including a as a substitute powerful asset to the Sahuagin forces.

You are tasked with combating the Sahuagin for manage of the island, however, and, upon destroying the device, benefit Aussircaex’s help in obliterating the forces. As a true instance of the may of the dragon, he destroys both the Mindflayer and the Sahuagin that occupy Korthos Island.

The gamers face off with the white dragon, Aussircaex13) Riders of Icarus (2016)

This MMORPG is an interesting addition to the listing due to the truth which you both fight with and in opposition to dragons. The selling point to this one is the potential to take part in aerial combat, preventing and taming a massive amount of creatures to do battle with. This lets in for thrilling battles as you are taking to the skies and conflict towards other players atop your very own dragon.

While this does not have a selected dragon in mind to spotlight, the potential to experience atop even the commonplace dragons is an thrilling addition to the typical MMO gameplay. The story itself takes you through a journey to grow to be a legendary Rider with the exceptional mount conceivable.

Battling a giant atop your dragon12) Monster Hunter Online (2013)

This is an MMO styled after the Monster Hunter franchise. While now not one of the fine in the collection, it became the games first strive at a massive multiplayer video game. The recreation makes a speciality of you looking down various styles of monsters with various traits. As a ways as dragons cross, there drakes that take to the air as well as the water. The high-quality battles with dragons, though, come from the three types of Elder Dragons that seem for the duration of the sport.

Tartaronis, called a demon that devours all, takes residence within the Moonlands. It has tailored to swim through the sand and fly via the air, making it a tough quarry to kill. Kushala Daora is a more traditional dragon, being a big 4-legged dragon with effective wings. It has metallic protecting its body, making it hard to defeat with bladed weaponry.

Finally, the Merphistophelin is maximum probably the most tough of the 3. Having been located in many specific terrains, but is most customarily determined in volcanic areas. This is due to a unique power in the core of its chest, permitting it to use all 5 elemental capabilities in the game.

These 3 hunts are genuinely a number of the excellent hunts in the game and truly check you in finding their weaknesses. While not one of the first-rate within the franchise itself, it offers a wonderful dragon hunt.

The hunter combating a Tartaronis a few of the sandy dunes11) Lord of the Rings Online (2007)

Lord of the Rings Online trailer

An MMO styled within the world of Tolkien’s classic series, your created person follows a route that treads intently to the Fellowship and different key contributors of the collection. Dragons do now not take a first-rate attention of this series, there are 3 that seem as part of the story.

In the lore of Lord of the Rings, dragons are very uncommon creatures. Thorog, in this sport, is a dragon this is archosaur reborn as a wight for the darkish forces. Bregmor is well known via the servants of Angmar to repair the Ring-forges for the duration of the sport. Lastly, added within the Rise of Isengard enlargement, Draigoch appears as one of the bosses in certainly one of the bigger raids in the game.

Thorog and Draigoch are both fought as raid bosses, grouping up with other gamers to struggle these fearsome beasts.

A raid birthday celebration prepares to struggle Thorog10) Divinity: Dragon Commander (2013)

Divinity: Dragon Commander trailer

This game does now not have dragons as your enemy. Instead, you’re the dragon. Playing as the Dragon Commander, a person with the potential to transform into a dragon, you are tasked with uniting your country. This nation has been damaged and fractured, leaving you because the handiest one who can unite into one complete once more as the new emperor.

The recreation takes location in a tactical global map, investing assets into building your army up and purchasing both technological and magical enhancements. You move your forces to interact the enemy, preventing as each the commander of your navy, but possessing the potential to take to the skies as a fearsome dragon. This permits for no longer simply land fight, but aerial and naval battles as properly.

While it’s miles a laugh to face off in opposition to these powerful beasts, there is no feeling of electricity quite like taking the function of the dragon. The pleasure on this sport is from the ability to take to the sky and lay wastes to armies at a time along with your potent transformation.

Wrecking havoc in your enemies as a potent dragon9) Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)

Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer

An easily recognizable title when it comes to preventing dragons, Dragon Age has pretty a few to pick from. While the focal point isn’t always on the dragons in this game, they serve as some of the toughest enemies to face within the form of non-obligatory bosses at some point of extraordinary areas. Each has their very own set of strengths and weaknesses related to them, but each foe is greater tough than the ultimate. The story itself specializes in the Inquisitor, your character, forming his army to unite the land in opposition to a terror lurking inside the shadows.

While dragons play a part throughout this, dragons still being a part of the primary story, the excellent example of their dragons come inside the elective bosses. Supreme among them is the Highland Ravager, the strongest of the non-compulsory dragons. It makes its nest in a pit inside the panorama of Emprise du Lion, taking safe haven in a pit with its brood. The Ravager is known for its destructive tirades, incinerating settlements and slaughtering herds of animals in its rampages. This is a fitting description for one of the strongest non-compulsory bosses in the sport.

The party struggles to take down the Highland Ravager8) Divinity II: Developer’s Cut (2012)

The sequel to the original Divinity, dragons have been hunted to near extinction. However, it slow to strike again has arrived as you reach out from your Battle Tower to face the enemies that might as a substitute see you useless. Just like inside the original, this RPG allows on your person to unharness the dragon inside himself, combating as one of the maximum ferocious beasts within the land. Not simplest that, you can harness the powers of your fallen foes, developing abominations to summon and serve you in war, helping your dragon.

This is a super addition to the list, allowing you to harness the energy of a dragon in full, struggling with in opposition to infinite enemies. In the Developer’s Cut, your options are nearly restrained, being allowed the choice to play the game inside the identical way the developers had, the use of console instructions to decorate your experience.

Battling monsters atop a dragon7) Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (2012)

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen trailer

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